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Amber Teething Necklaces

While babysitting over the past year in Austin, TX,  I have seen many youngsters wearing gorgeous amber necklaces. After seeing a few with them, I asked some of the parents more about them. They informed me that they are Amber Teething Necklaces and have helped their babies tremendously. I had never heard of them before so I decided to do some research. Please feel free to comment on this post with your feelings, experiences, or other helpful teething tips!
One of the online sellers, Bouncy Baby Boutique, explains their Baltic Amber Necklaces have a substance called succinic acid which is, “… a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and a central nervous system calmer. It is so effective on babies and small children because it simultaneously eases their pain while also having a strong soothing effect on their nervous system – all with zero side effects!”
Children are able to wear the necklaces around their neck, wrist, or ankle. The beads should touch the skin in order to be effective, but are NOT CHEWED ON. The amber necklaces are not recommended for children under the age of 3.  Another online retailer Amber Artisans, shares it’s list of  specific characteristics to look out for when buying:

1- The merchant guarantees that their amber is 100% genuine Baltic Amber. This can usually be found within the product description or the subpages of their website.

2- Be certain that the teething necklace is made with a safe clasp, one that is made of plastic and twists to open and close.

3- There can be no sharp edges whatsoever.

4- Genuine Baltic amber necklaces for teething are always designed with special string that is knotted between each bead so that if the necklace should be broken, the beads will not scatter. If this should occur, credible merchants should offer to restring the necklace for you at no charge. If they are unable to do so, then client service is not their priority and buying from them should not be yours.

5- Amber teething necklaces must be constructed of only the highest quality natural Baltic Amber which is what provides relief from your child’s teething pain. If the price is cheap, that should be a red flag. Amber is becoming more and more rare so online sellers will offer an “inexpensive” version such as copal which cannot produce the right results.

Of course you’re going to have those who don’t believe in the healing properties of stones and recommended other remedies. One such remedy is making chamomile tea using 2 teabags in one cup of water then adding 1/4 cup apple or grape juice to freeze in ice cube trays. Next wrap a few  ice cubes in a handkerchief, tie a big knot around them, and let the babies gnaw or suck on them. Another is  letting the baby chew on a wet washcloth placed in the freezer for 30 minutes (wash after each use). You could also rub the baby’s gums with a cool spoon. Try to avoid rubber or plastic teething rings because these synthetics can have potential hazardous impacts.