Jamaican/Rastafari word for VITAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, WHOLESOME… real roots

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Reggae Sundays: Stand For Something- Keida

Keida, thoroughly militant on this track. Forever loving her flow.

Stand for something… make a better way.


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Quick DIY Fix: Flower holder

I’m always picking flowers and bushes from outside and placing them in random jars and bottles around the house. This blue bunch is so beautiful that I wanted to complement them with a holder that also had that special touch.

I love having them even more now because my Chunky baby can identify it and makes the smelling face and F sound to point them out. Too cute.

Wrap an old bottle with scrap cloth for this simple way to decorate while recycling. I used Sticky Tack to keep the fabric in place but as you can see, it can be fastened with ease; try 2 elastic bands at each end, glue or electric tape

Great way to recycle and these wrapped bottles can serve many different uses.



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Handy Last Minute/Recycled Gift Wrap

In a bid not to get caught in the consumerism I’ve worked great ‘wrapping paper’ from the product pushers themselves. HaHaaa!

With all the extra circulars and salebooks that went out for Xmas I wrapped what I needed to.

I’m happy to be recycling paper that we had no use for anyway. Further personalise the wrapping with markers, paint or pics cut out and glued to the outside.

What ways are you able to recycle when giving a gift to someone else?


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Forever Mama Faybiene Miranda

Mama Faybiene dances down the isle at my Auntie's wedding, poetry in hand.

Mama Faybiene dances down the isle at my Auntie’s wedding, poetry in hand (Brooklyn)

There are some people who come to Earth to bring light and hope . This is how I felt when I was around Mama Faybiene. I didn’t even know about her revolutionary 1975 reggae song that was banned in Jamaica, didnt even know she was a reggae artist at all. I learned about this last night as I found out about her transition on Queen Afua’s twitter page and then came upon a wealth of info online about her most valued contribution that we give thanks for.

I knew Mama Faybiene as the elder of my sistren Nika, her mom’s busom buddy. It just connected to me as I read the interview posted below, that Mama Faybiene is one of the poets featured  in a book my parents had called- Itations of Jamaica and I Rastafari. Book-Itations-Of-Jamaica-And-I-Rastafari-1st-Edition

Mama Faybiene in the bottom left corner from the book "Itations of Jamaica and I Rastafari"

Mama Faybiene in the bottom left corner from the book “Itations of Jamaica and I Rastafari”

Those vivid and telling photos have stayed in my headspace all my life.  I also remember her tattoos one of which I asked about and she was happy to explain. I remember her as a poet, pouring out the word sound power.  She will forever be carried on by the numerous people she has influenced and blessed with her presence.

Listen to the banned song, read the in depth interview with her and watch her in a TEDx talk in NYC 2010.

Walk Good Mama Faybiene

A Stand To Be Taken: Interview with Faybiene Miranda by Peter I (

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Reggae Sundays: Weep Not- Khalilah Rose

Khalilah Rose

Khalilah Rose

Khalilah Rose goes in on food control and food pollution in mainstream food sold to us today and warns people to take control of their health.

“Be conscious of what you put inna yuh mouth, stop and read the label/ cancer is lurking about, so watch what yuh puttin on yuh dinner table.”

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Listen to Asa- Fire on the Mountain

One day the river will over flow
And there’ll be nowhere for us to go
And we will run, run
Wishing we had put out the fire

Asa (pronounced Asha) is the Paris born, Lagos (Nigeria) raised songstress who delivered this big tune back in 2008. Sweet groove and important message. Watch or listen

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Homemade Yogurt and Oat Face Mask

Im on a mission to repair my skin and im doing it on a budget. So lately, ive been online looking for the right natural skin care DIY’s suited for my skin.

In comes di ting called…

With lavender flowers

With lavender flowers

Soothing Yogurt and Oatmeal mask
1/2 tablespoon oats
1/2 tablespoon yogurt

Mash the oats a bit, crunch them under a cleaned glass cup or use the back of a spoon. Add the oats to your yogurt and mix in well. Smother all over your face and indulge in the goodness for 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water, pat dry and follow up with your moisturizer.

*A teaspoon of honey is often added to this recipe but I didn’t have any so my mask went without.

Yogurt is called a ‘superfood’ because it has a whole bunch of nutrients that nourish your body. From zinc to calcium, to lactic acid and B vitamins, yogurt packs a lot in its unassuming plain cream.

Oatmeal will help restore natural moisture and can be used as an exfoliator.

What your favourite homemade mask? Tell us in the comment section