Jamaican/Rastafari word for VITAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, WHOLESOME… real roots

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Earth a run red: Venezuela

Check out this report from Andreina Nash on Youtube, a Venezuelan in America, giving her account of what’s happening in her country. Last week I heard that twitter pictures were being blocked in the South American country to prevent protesters and media from sharing images of the resistance and state reaction.

Can you imagine being in Jamaica and Portia saying “Nope, no twitter or facebook or instagram as long as yuh on Jamaican soil”? That is what’s happening in the country. Tens of thousand of people have been coming out to protest President Nicholas Maduro while his government scramble to keep it out of the international news.

At least ten people, some college students, have been reported dead.


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Rap legend KRS-ONE chats culture, upliftment, timeline of hip hop, original people

“Its other things – emotions, philosophy, your spiritually – that leads you to music. In fact, music is the fragrance of culture. You dont get music without culture, culture operates first and what it gives off is music, art, colour, history. But the culture gotta be moving first”

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How Shea Butter is made

shea-butter-productionshea-nutHere are a few videos on Shea Butter production from Ghana and Mali in West Africa. Shea Butter is one of the staples of people choosing natural livity worldwide. In some western countries getting shea butter is like getting your hands on gold because it is imported at high prices.

After watching these videos and seeing the back breaking work that goes into making the butter I’m much more convinced it is gold and can’t stop wondering “who’s the person that realized it took all those tedious steps to make such a lovely product?” Much respect for shea butter producers.

Coming from the Karite or Shea Nut Tree, Shea Butter is full of fatty acids. So respected is shea that it is often called “The Tree of Life”.