Jamaican/Rastafari word for VITAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, WHOLESOME… real roots

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Vegan White sauce

We eat some form of pasta about once a week and a few weeks ago I was craving a white sauce instead of the typical tomato red that we would do. This is not a real Béchamel sauce because it isn’t made with a roux which is made by adding flour to butter to make a paste. I made it by just adding flour to warm milk.

Here’s how I made this one:

vegan-bechemel-white-sauce1 cup Oat Milk (I made it perfectly with rice milk that I mixed out thicker than usual from the powder)
2 tbs salt
3-5 tbs flour
1 tsp white or black pepper

Heat milk on a low heat. When it is warm, but before boiling start sifting flour into pot in small portions and whisk as you go along.  It should thicken as you gradually work in the flour. Add salt and pepper and whisk in well.

I sauteed some garlic and chives in a little olive oil before adding the milk for some more tastiness.
Simple as that 🙂 


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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan-Pink-Salt-creative-commonsTouted as some of the oldest and purest salt in the world, Himalayan Pink Salt contains numerous trace minerals and elements that do our bodies tremendous good.

So trusted is it that some ranchers have blocks of Himalayan Pink Salt in their stables for horses to lick for nourishment, especially in the winter months when frost and snow-logged grounds prevent them from grazing.

Common table salt is basically just sodium chloride after processing, not the best thing to be taking in everyday.  Himalayan Pink Salt, hand-mined from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan- the second largest mine in the world- has sodium chloride plus many more elements.

I’m also using it a few days a week as a morning flush in  a brine solutions sometimes called ‘solé water’.

Solé (meaning sun) water is a solution of Himalayan Pink Salt and water that is extremely salty. It takes a lot of getting used to to drink the entire glass and it reminds me of accidentally downing a great gulp of seawater at the beach in St Thomas, Jamaica (I swear I get the feeling of being out there when I drink this :)) and feeling it burn, even in your nose. It’s no surprise because our bodies are essentially made of salt and water, in a very similar concentration as sea water.

When you make the solution there should be so much salt in the water that some of it cannot dissolve and settles on the bottom of the container. Some of the pinkish matter also separates from the rocks.

coarse_himalayan_crystal_saltHere’s the information and directions for the salt water flush listed on the packet of Nature’s Choice Coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt that you can get in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains about 84 mineral elements that the body needs. Some of these elements are needed in trace amounts.

Directions for use: Can be used to replace normal table salt.

Alternative directions: Fill a glass with about 1/3 salt crystals and fill up with water. After 1 hour you will receive a saturated saline solution of 26% salt, called brine. Take 1 teaspoon of this solution in a large glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning every day.

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Black-eye peas stew

Nothing like a nice pot bubbling with black-eye peas. The smart looking bean (though called a pea) is jam packed with protein- they have high amino-acid content and are gluten-free.This little legume is also a great source of fibre, folate, iron and calcium.

I like to cook them down in a simple ital stew. Lots of garlic, pepper and onion, pumpkin, potato and carrot. Then my favourite part- a tuuups of the all-perfect coconut milk a few minutes before removing from heat.

In a quick search online I found that people in the US south make black-eye peas with okra and all across the world they are used in salads.

How do you like your black-eye peas?


Served with traditional Jamaican rice and peas and mashed potatoes.