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Attitude of Gratitude

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Dr. Gladys

Life Lesson 5,975,253: Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Today was remarkable! It all started out in a usual rush for a jam packed many hour long day in the life of Janessa. Woke up at 6 so I could go to a cleaning job before class, then attend the most amazing lecture given by the mother of all mothers Dr. Gladys McGarey, then go to a babysitting job until who knows when. As I was making coffee something went “wrong” and I saw myself going into the negative spiraling pattern of oh no I’m tired, it’s gonna be a long day, and all that can go wrong will go wrong! Right then is when I stopped and asked my angels, guides, ascended masters, archangels, and beings of white light to help me find gratitude today. The very next moment I was thinking “I’m so thankful for this coffee, my house, health, love of all those who got my back, etc” from there it spread to my drive, to my jobs, class, and most of all the lecture. Dr. Gladys shared soooooo much amazingly astonishing stories and wisdom all of which were rooted in love, life, and gratitude. Dr. Gladys is my new hero she is a 93 yr old magical soul who has been changing medicine worldwide for 67 years. She is still board certified and practicing Holistic and Integrated Medicine among her many other innumerable accomplishments! My world is forever changed and I am forever grateful!



Doula Diaries: My First Birth Experience

Holistic midwifery is something I love ever since I met one of my best friend at St Andrew High School- Kingston, Jamaica in 1999 and got to know her family. Her mother is a well renowned midwife who delivered many babies, my baby and now has started a Natural Birth trend in Jamaica amongst naturalist young women.

The first birth I ever went to was with her in Brooklyn, NY about 5 yrs ago. In fact she’s been at every birth I’ve attended 🙂 At this first one she asked me if I wanted to come along and be her “doula”. You know I’m taking on this new experience right?!

The Rastafarian family who welcomed us into their apartment already had children and so the patient Mama was (surprisingly to me) relaxed waiting for her new baby. As the doula, I made sure Mama had something to drink when she needed, I gave her support when she wanted to hold on, sway or moan through a contraction. I also remember massaging her lower back and my most vivid memory of that birth is sitting in the kitchen reading with the younger children while their sibling was being birthed in a room close by. The event was surrounded by love. When the door opened and they saw their little brother it all left an imprint on my life forever too.

Even though I did not see when the baby emerged I recognized a birth for the intimate experience it was and how it could be as pleasant as possible to the expanding family. A doula is there to make sure all the comforts are there. I’m ready to take on this task.